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What Is The Difference Between Tg165 Vs Tg167

Tg165 Vs Tg167 | Which Is Better In 2021?

The flir company has made its name in the field of thermal cameras. It has made many models of thermal cameras. The products named tg 165 and tg 167 are among these highly reputed models of this prestigious company. Here is the perfect comparison between tg165 vs tg167. These thermal cameras capture infrared radiations (IR rays) … Read more


Best Thermal Imaging Camera For Termite Detection Of 2021

Are you recently observing small holes in the floorboards and walls around your house? Unfortunately, this could be a situation of termite infestation. Don’t start panicking already because you can treat this infestation with some easy methods. Getting rid of the termites is a pesky business where getting the best thermal imaging camera can help. … Read more

FLIR I7 Review

FLIR I7 Review: Thermal Imaging Camera of 2021

Beyond the range of our naked eyes, there is an unseen world of heat radiation. A lot of tasks would have been easier if we were able to see it directly. However, thanks to thermal imaging cameras, a specialized device that allows you to inspect heat radiation from a  distance. Thermal imaging cameras were once … Read more

Seek Thermal Compact Pro Review

Best Seek Thermal Compact Pro Review of 2021

Cheap and thermal cameras are two words that never went together. However, the assumption is not applicable to the Seek Thermal Compact Pro camera. Thanks to the well-engineered and cost-effective design, it can turn your smartphone or tablet into a thermal camera. The Seek Thermal Compact Pro comes in a small shape and connects to … Read more

Seek Thermal Reveal Pro Review

Best Seek Thermal Reveal Pro Review of 2021

The Seek Thermal Revealpro is the most sophisticated handheld thermal camera from the Seek Thermal. It arrives with a combination of rugged construction and heavy-duty features to ensure optimum performance. The powerful thermal camera is suitable for a variety of works. Will the Thermal Reveal Pro be a suitable choice for your projects?  Check out … Read more

Best Flir C3 Review

FLIR C3 Review 2021: Thermal Imaging Camera with WiFi

The thermal camera is a great way to see through darkness and obstacles. Although they were previously limited to firefighters and law enforcement, now thermal cameras are readily obtainable for anyone. Are you searching for a decent thermal camera on a low budget? The FLIR C3 Thermal Imaging Camera can be an excellent fit for … Read more


Best Thermal Imaging Camera for Home Inspection of 2021

Thermal imaging cameras serve in various fields that require heat detection like surveillance, law enforcement, and firefighters. These cameras are also useful in home inspection to find electrical faults, air leaks, missing insulation, and much more. Therefore, home improvement and many other relevant jobs have become a lot easier. Selecting the best thermal imaging camera … Read more


5 Best Thermal Imaging Camera for Firefighting Reviews of 2021

If you are a fan of the special ops movies, you might have come across thermal imaging cameras (TICs). Before TICs, the firefighters were unable to see through the smoke putting them in great danger. Today, fire departments are using this piece of technology for interior structural firefighting. Our guide will help you get the … Read more


Does Aluminum Foil Block Thermal Imaging 2021

Thermal imaging involves the process of improving object visibility. This happens through detection of the infrared radiation an object emits. An image is produced depending on the information available during the entire thermal imaging process. The thermal imaging concept is based on infrared energy or the heat an object produces. There is increased emission of … Read more