Is Thermal Imaging Home Inspection Worth It?

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Have you ever heard of thermal imaging before? If you don’t have much knowledge about thermal imaging or want to purchase your thermal camera, you are in the right place. A thermal imaging camera is an important tool for improving your home both inside and outside. Keep reading the whole article to know more regarding this topic.

The thermal imaging home inspection worth it, when it comes to the thermal imaging camera for a home inspection. It is an advanced technology that makes the infrared radiation of an object visible forming images. This method allows homeowners to detect some issues that are not visible during the normal home inspection. In this article, we will try to describe the worthiness of this technology to inspect your home.

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What Signifies Thermal Imaging Inspection?

Thermal imaging inspection is a process that may provide you to inspect your home or any material and find out the cold and hot spots of the following substance by using a thermal camera.

What Signifies Thermal Imaging Inspection?

Thermal imaging devices work in the spectrum of light. The thermal camera can record light that we cannot see. It is used in firefighting, as it can generate infrared radiation as visible light. The thermal camera can see anything without any light with temperature difference.

It can assess anything between minus 45 to 335 degrees Celsius. The thermal sensitivity is an important consideration of a thermal camera. The more sensitive camera will provide you with much better picture quality and more precise measurements. Whereas a normal camera forms images using visible light, a thermal camera forms images using infrared radiation.

Is Thermal Imaging Home Inspection Worth It?

Thermal imaging is one of the most powerful technologies for home inspection. This technology makes your home maintenance easy and you don’t have to give extra attention to inspect the faults. You need to add a thermal camera to your toolbox for the maintenance of your house. Here we are going to discuss the benefits of thermal imaging for home inspection.

Is Thermal Imaging Home Inspection Worth It?

Water System Inspection

The thermal camera can detect the water leakages of the plumbing system in your home. You cannot see the small defects until the major defect occurs. The thermal camera can detect if there is any leakage going on around the fixtures of your home.

You can distinguish temperature anomalies in the water system that is almost impossible to detect by empty eyes. A thermal camera is not a moisture meter but it can help you to repair plumbing issues in your home.

Moisture Intrusion

The thermal camera is the best tool to find out moisture intrusion in the walls, floors and ceilings. This tool is very useful to determine hidden mould problems in ceilings, walls, cabinets, floors, etc which are not visible in the eyes. You can find the problem without cutting or damaging your wall.

As the wet area of a wall is cooler than the dry area, it can produce images using temperature differences. You can identify the watermark on your wall clearly by using it. The warmer the material is, the more infrared light it radiates and this temperature difference can be detected by a thermal camera.

Observing the Activity of Wood Damaging Insect

Thermal imaging can help you to detect the activity of insects that cause damage to your wood furniture but you cannot identify them with naked eyes. The activity of termite generates heat that can be found out in the thermal camera. Thus, you can get rid of great damages to your wooden furniture and cabinet.

Electrical Fault Inspection

Abnormal heating or excessive current flow of an electrical device causes problems in the electrical system. When electricity flows through a circuit, it produces heat energy.

Electrical Fault Inspection

An Infrared camera can show the cold and hot spot of a circuit and an electrical expert can easily find out the problem in circuits by observing the infrared image. You can use it for electrical panel inspection, and you can find out if you have any problem with your electrical system.

It’s needed for inspection to find out hotspots of the electrical panel which may need further analysis. So, you can get your electrical system free of any damage, component failure, or productivity loss. You can also inspect your electrical motor that may impact energy usage.

Inspection of the Plaster the Wall

The thermal camera inspects the stucco and EIFS and it finds out water leakage inside the wall. This way you can understand before the plaster of your home wall falling off and you can repair it. It can also detect the insulation system of your home.

Finding Faults of Heating and Cooling Systems

Thermal imaging is one of the most valuable sensing technologies to detect and monitor the air conditioner and refrigerator of your home. It will provide you with preventative maintenance, lessen operational expense and increase functional efficiency. Thermal imaging is being used to find faults in the heating and cooling systems of the residential and industrial area. You can inspect the compressor leak of your air conditioner before occurring.

Finding Faults of Heating and Cooling Systems

Nowadays conscious homeowners and buyers are using the thermal image camera for home inspection widely. We can definitely say that thermal imaging is worth it for a home inspection.


Thermal imaging offers the homeowner to show the hotter and colder area of his house. Though thermal imaging home inspection worth it, it has some limitations too. It does not work through water and glass. The thermal camera is expensive for general people.

If you live in an old house, you must try a thermal imaging camera to find out air leaks and other problems. You will find a huge variation of thermal cameras with advanced features and accessible prices on amazon. Install the thermal camera on your Android phone for ease of use. Just purchase a suitable thermal camera and make your house less drafty.

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