Best Seek Thermal Compact Pro Review of 2022

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Cheap and thermal cameras are two words that never went together. However, the assumption is not applicable to the Seek Thermal Compact Pro camera. Thanks to the well-engineered and cost-effective design, it can turn your smartphone or tablet into a thermal camera.

The Seek Thermal Compact Pro comes in a small shape and connects to your smartphone through the charging port. It lets you inspect the thermal stability through the camera of your smartphone. Besides, it includes a high-quality thermal sensor to offer versatile performance for any inspection work.

Check out the Seek Thermal Compact Pro review to know its suitability, performance, and other aspects.

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In this Seek Thermal Pro camera review, we will discuss the listed topics below:

Best Seek Thermal Compact Pro Review 2022

The Seek Thermal Compact Pro is a tiny attachment with bigger functionality. It turns your smartphone into a high-quality thermal camera that is suitable for a variety of works. Keep reading the below passages to find out its compatibility with your projects.

Seek Thermal Compact Pro Review

Seek Thermal CompactPRO – High Resolution Thermal Imaging Camera for iOS

Seek Thermal CompactPRO – High Resolution Thermal Imaging Camera for iOSThe Thermal CompactPro is not a full-featured thermal camera. But it can offer versatile performance and arrays of applications, which some of the high-end cameras can’t. Check out the detailed reviews of the thermal camera from below:

Optimum Thermal Resolution:

The tiny Seek Thermal Compact Pro camera arrives with a massive 320×240 thermal resolution. With 76,800 pixels, it can capture temperatures on a large scale. Such characteristics ensure you clear and high-quality photos with optimum thermal sensitivity. Moreover, the thermal sensor has a 15 Hz refresh rate for faster image processing. It

By utilizing the included Seek Mobile app, you can easily take the photos in JPEG format. The device also allows you to choose different formats of pictures and videos. As it is directly connected to the phone, you can quickly post or share the photos as needed. Such capabilities are quite unimaginable from a small device.

Wide Temperature and Field of View:

The Thermal Pro offers you a massive 32 degrees vertical and 24 degrees horizontal field of view. Only the premium thermal cameras offer such a big range of fields of view. You will be able to easily inspect a large project without moving or zooming the camera a lot.

The thermal camera arrives with -40 degrees to +626 degrees temperature range. Such a wide temperature range makes the device suitable for a variety of projects. There are also versatile color palettes to make it easier for you to spot the issue.

Adjustable Controls:

The Seek Thermal Compact Pro camera features an adjustable focus lens. The knot on the device lets you easily adjust the focus to target the right object before capturing. It allows you to shot the target from 6 inches to 1800 ft distance.  It also enables you to control the radiometric and emissivity easily.

The emissivity is a significant factor for the thermal images, which makes the temperature varies. By selecting the right emissivity depending on the target area, you can get a precise temperature reading. You can also control some other things, including the temperature range, level, span, threshold, etc.

Easy to Use:

The Thermal Compact Pro comes in a size of a finger. You will also get a shock and water-resistant carrying case. That means you can easily carry and store it as required. The camera also doesn’t require any sort of charging as it is powered by your phone. Besides, you can effortlessly capture photos and videos from the user-friendly Seek App. You can also control the features and settings from the app.

You can easily control the focus by rotating the knob. Apart from the focus, you can adjust all other functionalities from the user-friendly Seek App. Note that the different version of the device is available for android USB, Android USB C, and iOS. Make sure to pick the suitable one.


Brand:   Seek Thermal
Dimensions: 0.8 x 0.6 x 1.6 inches
Item Weight:   12 ounces
Material: Plastic
Measurement: Metric
Warranty: 1 Year
Color: Black
Certification: CE & RoHs
  • Highly compact and lightweight design.
  • Easy to operate by connecting with a smartphone.
  • Capture high-quality and clear image and video.
  • Multiple adjustable features for controlling the outcome.
  • Suitable for a variety of inspection works.
  • It may not be suitable for larger projects.

Common Uses of Seek Thermal Compact Pro

As we mentioned earlier, the Seek Thermal Compact Pro can be used for a variety of applications. Here are some:

Common Uses of Seek Thermal Compact Pro


The Therma Pro camera is highly suitable for perceiving energy loss and mechanical and electrical failure. You can also employ it for detecting water damage and other heat and insulation related issues. It can be a suitable choice for the toolbox of any contractor, inspector, engineer, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Utility Monitoring:

The Seek Thermal Pro can is suitable for a variety of inspection works. It lets you quickly find the building or structure problems that are invisible to the naked eye. You can employ the lightweight tool for the regular utility monitoring of your place.

Finding Lost Person/Pet:

The Seek Thermal Pro is suitable for an extensive 1800 ft. range. Such a big range makes it a perfect choice for finding a lost person and pet. You can detect any lost person or pet in a large remote area with the temperature difference.

Seek Compact Vs. Seek Compact XR Vs. Seek Compact Pro: Which Is Better?

Seek has an array of successful thermal camera models. The Seek Compact, Seek Compact XR and Seek Compact Pro are three of the famous thermal systems. They arrive with almost the same features, but the Compact Pro offers you advanced and versatile features.

The Compact Pro model offers higher thermal resolution than the other two models. It also provides you optimum adjustment of various features like focus lens, span/level, and emissivity. You can manually control these features for a better outcome, which is impossible in the other models.

Final Thought

We hope that the Seek Thermal Compact Pro Review will help you to distinguish its features and performance. If you want to purchase an affordable thermal camera with versatile functionalities, the Seek Compact Pro will be the best pick. The powerful and durable gadget can accompany you for regular use in the long-term.

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