Fluke vt04 Review – Infrared Imager with Soft Carrying Case

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Have you been wondering as to how you can use the Fluke vt04 Infrared Thermometer? We’re here to help you out! Fluke vt04 is a tight spot thermal imaging camera, otherwise known as visual IR thermometers.

This thermometer constitutes several features that enable simple studying of temperature during times of inspections and troubleshooting. Fluke vt04 is known for its simplistic features that require no infrared training before its usage. This device makes it easy to use for amateur hobbyists to professionals.

In this article, you can read an in-depth review of the Fluke VT04. It provides a clear description of its specifications, features, advantages, cons, and instructions on how one can use it. Read on to enhance your knowledge about the product!

Fluke Vt04 Review and Main Features

The reviews on Fluke Vt04 have been majorly positive. It has been marked as a verified purchase by most. Given below is a detailed description of the product reviews and experiences of its users.

1. Fluke VT04 Infrared Imager with Soft Carrying Case

Fluke VT04 Infrared Imager with Soft Carrying CaseHave you wondered why you must purchase the Fluke VT04 Infrared Imager with the Soft Carrying Case? Listed below are a couple of product reviews given by its users. Read on to get an overview and make your final decision based on your needs and requirements.

This product is one of the most highly reviewed products on Amazon. It has received a 4.6-star rating and 150+ global reviews. The product has received 4.6-star ratings in terms of how easy it is to use the product by features. Additionally, 4.4-stars have been given for value for money and 3.8 for accuracy. Here, accuracy is mentioned in terms of its readings and ability to show the correct temperature measurements in different locations.

Several happy customers have praised the product for its ease of monitoring, large window size for proper viewing, dual-layered viewing, and additional features. It has been referred to as a useful device offering ruggedness and reliability because of its accuracy, as mentioned earlier. It comes with a rechargeable battery and good grip holding. One must not forget the SD card slot. You can use this slot to store your data for later use.

Additionally, customers have shown great appreciation for its pictorial user guide and intuitive interface. These enable the product’s use to be as easy-going and straightforward as possible. In this manner, it doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur or a professional; this product has been made for all! The customers’ over-all experiences with the product and the Fluke vt04 reviews have been fantastic and smooth.


As the name suggests, Fluke vt04 Infrared Imager with soft carrying case falls under the brand name of ‘Fluke.’ This virtual IR Thermometer comes with a battery that you can recharge. Its display is an LCD. Its weight ranges up to 2.6 pounds.

Additional specifications include:

  • Model No: FLK-VT04
  • Style: VT04 Infrared Imager with Soft Carrying Case
  • UPC: 520361366572
  • UNSPSC Code: 40100000
  • External Testing Certification: Available
  • Included components: Comes with a visual IR thermometer, 8 HZ
  • Power-source: Corded-electric
  • Coloring: Visual IR Thermometer with Rechargeable battery
  • Part number: 4366444

The reviews of this infrared thermometer show the diversity of its uses. It refers to the idea that the Fluke vt04 can be used in both hot and cold regions to attain readings on infrared radiations and temperatures with excellent efficiency and correctness.

Fluke vt04 Infrared Imager with a soft carrying case merges a spot thermometer’s handiness with visual effects. This enhancement provides an all-round experience to its consumers. It also constitutes a large window for viewing temperature patterns at accurate locations. This feature indicates the presence of concern if any. Additionally, cold and hot markers have also been included in the device to easily spot the coldest and warmest regions in the covered field.

Fluke VT04 Features:

A Flukevt04 review would be incomplete without pointing out its main features, benefits, and cons. Thus, listed below are some essential points you cannot afford to miss before making this purchase.

  1. It Consists of visual imaging features along with heat maps.
  2. It constitutes Intuitive interfacing that requires no prior training.
  3. The product is a pocket-friendly device.
  4. It consists of SD-card storage.
  5. Temperature alarms alert the user of concerning issues.
  • Easy to use
  • Light-weight
  • Suitable for amateurs too
  • Large window for viewing
  • Accurate
  • Durable
  • Efficient
  • Multi-dimensional
  • The soft case that may break
  • Software issues can occur.

How To Use The Fluke VT04A Visual IR Thermometer?

It’s essential to note a particular set of instructions while using the Fluke VT04A Visual IR Thermometer. This addition is so that you do not miss out on crucial information, steps, and parts needed to operate it. Listed below are a set of steps that you must follow very carefully:

How To Use The Fluke VT04A Visual IR Thermometer

Step 1: Unpacking the Thermometer

Once you receive your Fluke VT04A thermometer package, be sure to unpack it very carefully. Do not forget to use any element included in the box as every article has its significance. Missing out on any one part could create hindrances and make the overall easy-going experience a lot more challenging and annoying.

Step 2: Making Use of the Pictorial Guides

Every Fluke vt04A thermometer package consists of numerous pictorial guides. These come in various languages ranging from English, German, Spanish, and many more. Be sure to make use of these guides before using the thermometer. This step will help you in getting a proper understanding of the product and its correct usage.

Step 3: Reading the Back of the Box

Most of the required information that you will need is mentioned in the pictorial guide itself. However, reading the box’s back can acquaint you with the temperature ranges under which the thermometer is supposed to operate. It also provides links to various downloads that you may require functioning the product.

Step 4: Setting it up

Once you’re done with the instructions mentioned above, it’s time for you to set it up! After adding the batteries, insert your SD card before use. This feature shall allow you to save all captured images of temperature patterns. You can then easily refer to these images in the future, whenever it may be required. This one is one of the primary features of Flukevt04A that makes it an over-all experience so smooth and easy.

Step 5: Out in the Field

After completing all of the steps mentioned above, it is exploration time for you! Take your thermometer to the field. Once you point the camera in a specific direction, temperatures will begin to appear at the very top of the imaging window. These temperatures shall change as you keep moving around.

Out in the Field

Moving closer to the surface being examined is one way to get an accurate reading. If you happen to have doubts about your data, try moving to different places till you’re sure the data are correct. By following the list mentioned above of 5 simple steps, you’ll be ready to use your thermometer with great confidence!

Process of Application:

  • Look for damaged terminations.
  • Search for flawed insulations spots
  • It would be best if you located the overloaded circuits.
  • Carefully monitor super hot and icy areas of study.
  • Try to identify any possible leakages that may be happening on the inside of vessels that are closed.

Guidelines for measurement purposes:

  • Take careful note of the wind current.
  • Always remember, the non-painted metals are harder to measure
  • Take into account the thermal and numeric images of temperature patterns.
  • Every baseline image must be associated with an alarm temperature. If this alarm goes off as you move to the next location, it indicates the requirement of an inspection or study of the reason.
  • Cold regions aren’t always free of issues.

Final Thoughts

A Fluke vt04 is a tool used for studying or inspecting infrared radiations and temperature patterns. You can use it at both inside and outside locations. It comes with a window imaging feature that allows you to see temperature patterns and ranges as you move. These comprise cool and hot alerts as well. This product makes one cautious of any potential threats.

Based on Flukevt04 reviews and gathered data, a Fluke vt04 is very easy to operate. It is pocket-friendly and involves single-handed usage. Its price varies on account of its features. The more the elements, the greater is its price. Additionally, one mustn’t worry about its usage even if you’re an amateur. This product is for all.

Thus, through this article, we have tried to provide a concise answer to all your queries about the Fluke vt04. We hope you take into account all of the points mentioned earlier before making yourself a purchase!

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