FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera Reviews – Top 4 Picks In 2022

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A thermal imaging camera can detect temperature, leaks of pipes, electrical hot spots, and many other invisible things that you cannot see with your naked eyes. It captures body temperature and can detect the heat of any object. Most importantly, thermal cameras are being used in airports, hospitals, shops, etc. to detect body temperature due to Covid-19.

Not only that, people use thermal cameras for other purposes as well. Among them, investigating fire occurrence, surveillance, hunting, finding leaks in pipes, and hot electric wires are common. Among the crowd, you will find it as the best thermal camera in the market.

About This Brand:

In the era of thermal imaging, visible-light imaging, measurement, and diagnostic, FLIR is a trusted brand name that has been in the market for more than 5 years now. The popularity of FLIR thermal cameras is on the rise due to their easy and simple use of innovative devices.

FLIR offers a wide range of applications and diagnostic tools in the defense, government, industrial, and other areas to contribute their benefits to them. They try to bring innovative technologies to make life easier and comfortable. They design, develop, manufacture, and market their technologies.

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The following table of content will show you a quick glimpse of our selected FLIR cameras. It will assist you in understanding what we have covered in this article. Also, you can make your buying decision as well. It will allow you to jump into a certain section of the long article.

Comparison Chart:

After selecting the 4 FLIR thermal cameras, we have compared them with each other so that you can better understand. Also, if you don’t have enough time to go through the whole article, you can have a quick look at the chart as well.





Flir C2 – Compact Thermal Camera

FLIR ONE Pro – iOS – Professional Grade Thermal Camera

FLIR 435-0012-03 Model FLIR ONE PRO

FLIR ONE Gen 3 – iOS – Thermal Camera for Smart Phones

5 Best Flir Thermal Imaging Camera Reviews 2021

At the end of our extended-period of research, we have enough experience reviewing these FLIR imaging cameras here. We do hope and believe that you will end up selecting one that will best suit you. So, read on to the end so that you can get your desired one.

1. Flir C2 – Compact Thermal Camera

Flir C2 – Compact Thermal Camera

Flir C2 – Compact Camera is a pocket portable thermal imaging camera that comes with the most advanced MSX technology to detect energy loss, electrical problems, electrical hot spots, water damage, and so many things to enhance your way of living. The thermal camera comes with an operating temperature ranging from 14 degrees Fahrenheit to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

The thermal camera has an infrared camera, Lanyard, and power charger when it ships. Also, the USB cable allows you to connect the thermal camera to your smartphone. It can transform your smartphone into a thermal camera by which you can measure the temperature of any objects near you.

You can also connect the camera to your laptop and take images and shoot short videos with the provided USB cable. The thermal camera allows you to detect the heat temperature of an object accurately and precisely. The 2-meter drop test rating helps you to use the thermal camera roughly to your job sites.

Flir C2 – Compact Camera Features

  • The HVAC technology allows you to inspect any issue very fast; therefore, it becomes easier to fix it.
  • Pocket-sized cameras assist in keeping it in your pocket, and the drop test (2-meter ) rating helps in rough job sites.
  • MSX technology helps you to identify and capture more detailed images so that you can understand everything.
  • The operating temperature of the camera ranges from different temperature settings.
  • It comes with a USB cable, and you can connect to your phone or laptop to capture and view images and videos.

2. FLIR ONE Pro – iOS – Professional Grade Thermal Camera for Smartphones – with VividIR and MSX Image Enhancement Technology

FLIR ONE Pro – iOS – Professional Grade Thermal Camera for Smartphones – with VividIR and MSX Image Enhancement Technology

If you are an electrician or engineer and need to detect electrical hot spots, FLIR ONE Pro will be best for electrical inspections out there in the competitive market now. To find hidden electrical problems, water damage, energy loss, and other heat measuring issues, you cannot use the FLIR ONE Thermal Camera.

It has a powerful infrared camera and other mobile accessories to help you do your work properly. You can capture 500 radiometric images with the imager. From a safe distance, you can measure temperature differently.

The thermal imager comes with MSX and VividIR technology to let you capture images and videos with the sharpest thermal imaging performance. If you want to use the thermal imager for your individual purpose, you cannot because it is only for commercial purposes.

FLIR ONE Camera Features

  • The powerful infrared comes with the camera fit connector to help you analyze hidden electrical problems, energy loss, water damages, and heat-related issues.
  • It can capture images and videos up to 500 radiometric images, which enable you to measure that starting from 14 degrees.
  • It can measure the temperature of objects and other things, ranging from 4 to 752 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • It has MSX and VividIR technology, which allows you to get the sharpest images and videos of your target objects.
  • The thermal imaging camera comes only for commercial use; therefore, you cannot use it for personal purposes.

3. FLIR 435-0012-03 Model FLIR ONE PRO

FLIR 435-0012-03 Model FLIR ONE PRO

FLIR Pro-Grade Thermal Camera comes with FLIR VividIR image processing technology, which benefits you to take both photos and videos with enhanced resolution and accuracy. Connecting to your smartphone, you can use your smartphone as a thermal camera and see the world from a thermal perspective.

It has multiple spot meters that allow you to measure the heat temperature of different objects simultaneously. Also, the level and span control help you take appropriate image shots, and the reporting FLIR tools mobile app enables you to find any issues and then fix them within no time.

If you have an iOS device such as a smartphone, you can use it as the thermal imaging camera connecting the device with it. It is very durable as well because it has been tested with a mechanical shock-drop from 1.8 meters. The thermal sensitivity or NETD is up to 100 mK.

FLIR Pro-Grade Thermal Camera Features

  • For enhanced resolution and accuracy to detect the problems at home or business, the thermal camera comes with FLIR VividIR Image processing technology.
  • You can connect it with your smartphone to use it as a thermal imaging camera. Then you can see the world from the thermal perspective.
  • It comes with multiple spot meters, enabling you to detect the temperature of different objects near you.
  • You can also use it on your iOS smartphones, and the mechanical shock-drop test from 1.8 meters allows you to use it roughly at your job websites.
  • The device comes with thermal sensitivity or NETD, which allows you to capture images and videos to 100 mK.

4. FLIR ONE Gen 3 – iOS – Thermal Camera for Smart Phones

FLIR ONE Gen 3 – iOS – Thermal Camera for Smart PhonesTo detect any objects or humans’ temperature, you need the best thermal camera for the iPhone. It allows us to measure any object’s temperature, energy loss, electrical issues, automotive, leaks in the pipes, and so forth. Do you want to transform your iOS devices into a thermal imaging camera? Then it should be the best option left for you.

It does capture not only images and short videos but also shares them. The device’s MSX technology allows you to blend the thermal and visible spectrum to provide you with a more detailed and accurate resolution. Therefore, you can clearly detect and find any issues related to heat in your home and workplace as well.

The scene temperature ranges from different scales. Within only 40 minutes, the battery of the thermal camera charges fully. Ensure you are not going to utilize the thermal camera with your iPhone X because it does not allow it.

FLIR ONE Gen Thermal Camera Features

  • Its imaging camera comes with lightweight accessories to help you use it for detecting the temperature of objects.
  • You can capture both images and videos of your desired objects and human beings. Also, you can measure their temperature from a specific distance.
  • The exclusive MSX Technology allows you to blend the visible and thermal spectrum to provide you more detailed and accurate images.
  • It will also help you to measure the scene temperature where you will shoot with it. So, you can understand the different temperatures of the present objects near you.
  • It allows you to see in total darkness, creates new kinds of art, and benefit you to discover new things in the wilderness.

Is This Brand Product Easy To Use?

FLIR has competed for the ear of cameras for more than five years now. They always try to develop an innovative design that should be comfortable to use for their potential customers all across the globe. Therefore, it becomes comfortable to use FLIR products.

  • Most of the FLIR thermal cameras come with android and iOS apps to use the smartphone as the thermal camera to capture images and videos.
  • These thermal cameras are lightweight, and most of them can be carried into your pocket. Therefore, it is very beneficial to use FLIR thermal cameras.
  • The design and features of the FLIR thermal cameras are easy to handle and use. So, operate these thermal cameras if you don’t have any experience before.
  • FLIR thermal cameras are mechanical shock-drop tested from different distances ranging up to 1.8 meters, which enables its users to use these cameras on their rough job sites.
  • Blending the visible and thermal spectrum with the exclusive MSX Technology allows you to get more accurate and dedicated images.

Why Choose This Brand?

The market of imaging cameras has been flooded with so many products and brands out there. But you need to find out the best one that can fulfill your requirements. In this case, FLIR should come into the place because their products are durable and easy to use to detect temperature and capture images and videos.

  • The exclusive MSX technology allows its users to blend the camera to provide the most detailed and accurate images and videos.
  • If you want to see the world with a thermal perspective, you can connect your phone to the thermal imaging camera.
  • For quick inspection and detection of the temperature, the HVAC technology helps you to do the same.
  • The powerful infrared one fit connector benefits you to detect any hidden issues very fast. Other than that, you can also find water damages, energy loss, and so forth.
  • The USB cable of the thermal camera helps you connect to your laptop and use it on the device.

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