FLIR TG165 Reviews – With 2 Meter Drop Durability For Your Toughest Jobs

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The FLIR tg165 is a top-notch device that comes into the market to measure temperature perfectly. It offers real-time temperature measuring and a thermal camera in order to get the picture completed.  With the help of this infrared thermometer, you can comfortably identify cold and hot spots to find the problem. But should you purchase the device? Well, before purchasing, you should know the high and low of this device.

For that, reading some authentic FLIR tg165 reviews will help you a lot. In our review, we will discuss the key features, goods, and bads of the device. Also, you will get to know the benefits, product quality, and durability of this infrared thermometer. By knowing all those essential factors, you can easily understand whether to take it or not.

How We Reviewed These Products?

Before reviewing the FLIR tg165 infrared thermometer, our expert team has to go through a lot of reviews. They studied many articles to know details about the thermometer and to understand what experts are thinking about it. In addition, they compared this infrared thermometer with other thermometers to find out the differences. Buyer reviews from amazon, ratings, and all the essential key features were considered as well. After considering all those and spending hours after hours, the team comes up with this review.

FLIR TG165 Reviews – Spot Thermal Camera

The FLIR tg165 reviews should start with the sensor it comes with. You will have the Lepton micro thermal sensor that will show you real-time hot spots smoothly. It works perfectly between –25 and +380°C which is more than enough to use it for commercial purposes. The minimum FLIR tg165 distance range is 10 inch that lets you closely monitor anything.

FLIR TG165 Reviews

Along with that, its high powerful battery will help you run the thermometer up to 100,000 hours smoothly. After scanning and capturing the data, you can save the image and data to the SD card. You will have an 8GB micro SD card that will provide you enough space to store a lot of images and data.

Besides, it enables you to transfer all the images and data to your computer over the USB cable. Apart from that, the thermometer comes with an intuitive design. Anyone with no special training can use it. Also, the compact and durable design allows you to store and carry it in your bag all the time.

FLIR tg165 Specification

  • Brand: FLIR
  • Alert Type: Motion Only
  • Power Source: Battery
  • Color: Port
  • Material: Standard
  • Weight: 1.64 pounds
  • Dimensions: 8.3 x 2.5 x 3.2 inches
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium ion

FLIR tg165 Main Key Features

When researching the thermometer, you need to know the main features it. Let’s check the main features that you are going to get from it.

High-quality image:

The most essential feature of the FLIR tg165 spot thermal camera is its high-quality image. It features two lenses- the first one works for Thermal Image and the second one works for the IR Thermometer. As a consequence, you will get superior quality images. Along with that, you will get a thermal imaging system of 60 x 80 pixels. Consequently, you can avoid any guesswork when measuring the temperature to ensure precise measurement.FLIR TG165 - Spot Thermal Camera - with 2-Meter Drop Durability for Your Toughest Jobs

Easy to use display:

In addition to high-quality images, the camera comes with an easy-to-use design. The manufacturer cares about the users and eradicates the need to have any prior experience to use it. For that, it features a large and easy‐to‐read TFT display. The display will help you read the measurement comfortably. Also, since the display is bright graphical, you can see it properly even in daylight.


The main purpose of the Thermal Camera is to ensure precise measurement of temperature. We will not ignore the precision when writing the review even it offers some amazing features. Luckily, this camera features dual Laser pointers that will precisely get the result.

Along with that, its quick and easy emissivity selection will make the use more precise and comfortable. You will even have four preset levels that allow you to adjust the mode as per demand.


It is not possible to carry the camera in your hand all the time during measurement. The good news is that it offers Tripod Mount that allows you to comfortably mount the thermometer on the tripod. Consequently, you can rest your hand for long time use. Moreover, you will have a lanyard on its ergonomic handle so that you can conveniently transport it.

Rugged industrial design:

Finally, the rugged industrial design will enhance durability and help you handle tough pressure. When working, the construction of this camera will easily handle small impacts. Besides, its compact and lightweight size will let you carry the camera in your bag wherever you go.

Product Quality and Durability

The useful features of this camera make it a high-quality device to use to measure the temperature. Its wide temperature range enables you to use it for versatile purposes. Besides, its smart sensor and camera will produce high-quality images. Moreover, the high-quality sensor delivers higher precision to work.

In addition, it offers durable construction and a compact design to resist small impacts. That means you can achieve better durability that adds an extra edge in the Tg165 Vs Tg167 war. Apart from that, the battery works longer to run the device. You can expect a decent run time from the battery.

What we like
  • Advanced sensor for precision
  • Comfortable to use
  • Suitable for beginners and experts
  • Durable construction
  • High-quality images
What should improve?
  • No video recording

Battery Life

The thermal camera comes with a lithium-ion battery that works perfectly. In general, you will get 100,000 hours of total running time from this powerful battery. Moreover, it offers five hours of working time after you charge its battery fully. Since the batter is rechargeable, you can recharge it when needed with a cable. You will see different lights based on the charging status.

How To Use FLIR Tg165 Thermal Camera?

Though the thermal camera from FLIR is designed for both experts and beginners, you should know the right process. So let’s see how to use your thermal camera.

How To Use FLIR Tg165 Thermal Camera

Read the manual:

The first step to use the thermal camera is to read the FLIR tg165 manual. You may think why you should read the manual when you are reading the right process. Well, the manual will tell you details about the thermometer. As a consequence, you can know the uses of every button and the functions of the camera to ensure better use. So right after getting the thermal camera, read its manual and gain detailed knowledge about it.

Start the camera:

When you know details about the thermometer, you can now start the camera. You already know what button to press when starting. In case you do not know, hold the start button with a start sign for more than 2 seconds. The camera should start by that time.

When the camera is opened, you will see the charge status of the camera. If you don’t have enough charge on the camera, first charge it and then reopen it. And if you have full charge in the camera, you are fully ready to go.

Adjust the setting:

Maybe you think you can start measuring the temperature right after opening the camera. However, you are partially true since you need to adjust the setting. You will find different presets that you can use when measuring the temperature. Choose any of these to meet your temperature measurement needs. In addition, it enables you to adjust the color of the hotspot and image. Adjust the color and other settings to get a precise and sharp image.

Point the camera to the object:

Finally, you can point your camera to the object you want to measure or know the temperature. Some people just randomly point it which can deliver misleading results. For an accurate result, you must point it properly to the object and you need to maintain a minimum of 10 inches distance. Also, make sure you put proper focus on the object so that you get the best result.

Record and transfer the images:

Finally, you can capture the image or data to meet your demands and transfer it to your pc. For easy transferring, you can connect your device to the camera with the cord that comes with the thermometer. It ensures a faster and smoother transfer of the data and images.

Final Thought

The FLIR tg165 reviews will help you know the details about the FLIR tg165 thermal cameras. Now you have got what you should know to make the right purchase. We have portrayed all the key features, benefits, and main functionalities of the thermometer. Along with that, you know the top benefits and problems of the thermal camera.

Since the camera offers an advanced sensor to detect and capture the right data and image, you will get an accurate result. From today, you can avoid any kind of guesswork and get the precise result with this camera. Also, its compact design, convenient handles and stand mount, and easy-to-use design will make it comfortable to use.

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