FLIR k33 Review – High Performance Thermal Imaging Camera

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If you are looking for the best budget-friendly yet effective thermal imaging camera, you can consider FLIR k33. This thermal camera offers excellent low-light visuals with details. For any firefighters or professionals or personal use, this tool can come in handy. Also, since the thermometer is budget-friendly and durable, people love it.

However, will this budget-friendliness or durability suit your demand? Can it work perfectly when you need it most? Or does it fit your profession? Well, to know all these, you have to read the FLIR k33 review. We will discuss almost every detail you need to know. You can learn the specs, features, goods, and bads of it. By considering all those essential factors, making decisions will be a lot easier.

 How We Test This Product?

Before reviewing this FLIR k33 thermal imaging camera, our expert team had to compare it with all other possible options. Also, they read lots of reviews from both the experts and original buyers. During the reading, the team considered every vital point the experts and buyers mentioned. After spending hours after hours reading and checking those reviews, the team has come up with this FLIR k33 review.

Flir Thermal Imaging Camera K33 Review

FLIR K33 High Performance Thermal Imaging CameraThe FLIR k33 review will consist of the technical specification it offers, the main and essential key features, and quality. Also, you will find some main goods and bads along with the user guide.

FLIR k33 Review

This FLIR k33 is a fantastic thermal imaging camera that works perfectly for first responders. It offers 240 × 180 resolution that will capture high-quality images to get detailed information. Also, you will have a 60 Hz frame rate to capture any moving object smoothly.

With its bright 4″ LCD, you can examine the area even if it is dark or smoky. Also, this large screen will help you navigate the camera thoroughly. Anyone with zero prior experience can smoothly operate the camera without any hassle. In addition, the rug construction can resist vibration and corrosion.

Along with that, you can use it with higher heat since it is heat and abrasion-resistant. Apart from that, the FLIR k33 battery is a lithium-ion battery that will provide a long-lasting service time for you. That means the thermal infrared camera will help you find out the fault or measure the temperature in a tough situation. Also, its rug and durable frame ensure longer service time at an affordable cost.

FLIR k33 Technical Details and Specifications:

  • IR resolution: 240 × 180 pixels
  • Thermal sensitivity/NETD: < 40 mK @ +30°C (+86°F)
  • Field of view (FOV): 51° × 38°
  • Depth of field: 0.84 m to infinity (33 in. to infinity)
  • Focal length: 9 mm (0.35 in.)
  • Spatial resolution (IFOV): 3.6 mrad
  • F-number: 1.25
  • Image frequency: 60 Hz
  • Focus: Fixed
  • Detector type: Focal plane array (FPA), uncooled microbolometer
  • Spectral range: 7.5–13 µm
  • Pitch: 25 µm
  • Display: 4 in. LCD, 320 × 240 pixels, backlit
  • Auto range: Yes, selectable on/off using FLIR Tools
  • Contrast optimization: Digital image enhancement using FSX
  • Image modes: TI-Basic fire-fighting mode

FLIR K33 Main Features

FLIR k33 review

You will surely get some highly essential and required features from this k33 model. Want to know all those essential features and their benefits? Keep reading.


This camera’s frequency is 60 Hz, unlike the traditional thermal cameras that offer a 9-15 Hz frequency. With this higher frequency frame rate, you can achieve a better, sharper, and high-quality image. Even when you are moving, or the object is moving, the camera will capture a sharp image. Consequently, you can smoothly find out the fault.

Moreover, the accuracy of this thermometer is < 40 mK. That means you can get higher precision when measuring the hot or cold spot. Besides, the 0.84 m to infinity depth of field allows you to get an even sharper image.


You will get durable and long-lasting construction. The thermometer is made of magnesium alloy combined with rubber aluminum. Consequently, you get resistance against corrosion, abrasion, heat, and vibration. Also, the construction ensures longevity so that you can use it lifelong.

Apart from that, FLIR k33 thermal imaging camera has an IP67 rating, meaning that it can absorb shock and resist water. This ensures that you can use the thermal camera in any tough condition. In an emergency or faulty condition, surely you won’t get the favored conditions.

Flexible Scene Enhancement

The Flexible Scene Enhancement is an outstanding technology that provides better visuals and images. With this amazing technology, you can smoothly find the object and a safe place. Also, the tech will blend the visual image and thermal image to provide you a detailed picture. In addition, it provides great visuals even in dark or smoky conditions. You can even detect the apparent structure from the place to ensure a better response.


A display plays a major role in the thermal camera since the display will show you everything. This one features a large 4 in. LCD display, thanks to the FLIR k33 manufacturer. You can comfortably see everything in detail. Also, it offers 320 × 240 pixels resolution for the display. Consequently, even in low light, you can easily get the readings. Most of the other models of this brand and other brands do not offer such a large display.


The best and most useful feature I find is the different modes of this camera. You will have TI primary, fire, search & rescue, and heat mode. Each of the modes has different and versatile purposes and uses. You can use the Ti mode in the basic hot condition such as a fire or fire rescue operation.

In addition, the fire mode, as the name implies, is suitable for extremely hot and tough conditions. Something like a structural fire or rescue operation will be a suitable example of these conditions. Finally, you can use the heat mode to detect any kind of hot spot. By combining all those modes, you can get precise results in your versatile operations.


The affordable cost and some essential features make it attractive to beginners. Despite that, the company offers a user-friendly design. It features a simple on/off button as well as easy navigation that will make use easier. Additionally, you can use the camera when wearing gloves. Surely, during the rescue mission, you will wear gloves.

If your thermal camera is not perfectly compatible with the gloves, you will be in danger in the rescue mission. That is why the FLIR k33 manufacturer does everything possible to make it friendly for the users. Even you will get the FLIR k33 user manual for smoother and easier use.

FLIR k33 Quality and Durability

The quality of this thermal camera is beyond your expectation compared to the price. You will get almost all the required features including top quality camera, high-resolution display, and different modes. Also, you can achieve higher precision for its modern technology. Even it will work in low light or dark conditions that are essential for a rescue mission. The manufacturer does not compromise at all with its quality.

FLIR k33 review

On the contrary, the durability is superior as well. With its rug and sturdy condition, the camera will deliver longevity and durability. Also, it can deliver resistance against water, corrosion, abrasion, and heat. That means you can expect a decent service life from this essential thermal imaging camera.

FLIR K33 Pros And Cons

  • Advanced and high-resolution camera
  • High-resolution display
  • Comfortable to use
  • Suitable for gloves use
  • Easy to navigate
  • Clearer and sharper image
  • Different modes for different situations.

  • No video options
  • No image storage option

FLIR k33 Warranty & Guarantee

Since the FLIR k33 camera comes with different parts, you will have different warranties for different parts. You will get 2 years of warranty for the battery while you will get 5 years of warranty for other parts. When claiming for warranty or repair, you have to let the company know within 30 days of discovery.

FLIR K33 User guide

When you decide to purchase the FLIR k33 model, you should know how to use it. First, you need to charge the thermal camera’s battery fully. Without charging fully, you should not even start the camera for use. You will see the blue LED light glowing when the charge is full.

After that, simply press the on/off button and it will turn on the camera. Now point your thermal camera toward your object that you want to capture or measure. You need to pull its trigger and hold it if you want to freeze the image for observation. After the observation, you can simply release its trigger to return its live interface.

Final Thought

The FLIR k33 offers better visibility and perspective to the first responder, firefighter, or others. You can get a clear idea and improve your situational awareness of safety with the help of this FLIR k33. In this FLIR k33 review, we have portrayed all those essential features as well as benefits.

All that information will help you know its low and high to make correct decisions. You know, when you find a suitable device for your operation, the operation becomes easier and more comfortable. Also, it will provide you accurate and more precise results every time.

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