Flir k2 Review 2022 – A Thermal Imaging Camera For Firefighters

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It feels like Flir is on a mission to set a whole new and high standard for thermal imaging cameras. Flir gets closer to the trend of affordable thermal cameras with the Flir k2. This teeny device promises to deliver in multiple intense fire and flame situations.

But, does the Flir k2 stand on its promises? Is it the reliable and affordable tool that buyers are frantically searching to buy? Well, the only way to answer all these questions is by scrolling through the Flir k2 review. This review discusses everything and anything thermal camera buyers are willing to discover. Read on!

Flir K2 Review- Features and Specifications

1. FLIR K2 – Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC)

FLIR K2 – Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC)FLIR k2 is an extremely affordable and reliable thermal imaging equipment. It can help in situations like severe fire and many other conditions. This product can pay pretty big dividends when it comes to rescuing lives and saving properties. The k2 helps firefighters navigate their way through smoke and flame to analyze the situation. Besides, the multi-spectral dynamic system is a significant enhancement in this tool.

In this Flir k2 review, it’s also important to highlight the multiple imaging modes. Modes like fire, heat detection, black and white, and several others help in the murkiest conditions. The Flir k2 employs a heavy-duty flame-resistant magnesium alloy and rubber aluminum body. A structure like that can withstand about 500-degree F temperature. Thanks to the high image and display resolution, images are going to be crisp clear.

Not to forget, the super-intuitive structure of the Flir k2 also allows one-handed operation. Users can also attach the thermal camera to the SCBA gear. Apart from all these features, the Flir k2 is also water-resistant, with an IP67 rating. The robust MSX feature can also pick up labels for better assistance. This camera is a rechargeable battery-powered unit. It offers 4 hours of running time and takes about 2 ½ hours to reach a 90% charge.


Imaging And Optical Specs:

  • IR Resolution:
  • Field Of View: 47-degree x 31.5-degree
  • Focal Plane Array: Uncooled microbolometer
  • Starting time: <30 seconds
  • Start time from sleep mode: <10 seconds
  • F-number: 1,1
  • Sensitivity: Minimum 10 lux

Image Representation:

  • Display: 3 inches LCD, 320 x 240 pixels
  • Auto Range: non-selectable, auto

Power System:

  • Battery: Li-Ion battery, 4 hours run time
  • Charging Time: 5 hours for 90%, LED indicator
  • Charging Temperature: 32-degree to 113-degree F
  • Charging System: 2-bay charger

Physical Information:

  • Dimensions:25 (L) x 12.75 (B) x 12.55 (H) inches
  • Weight:54 lbs
  • Tripod mounting: UNC 1/4”-20

Environmental Specs:

  • IP Rating: IP67
  • Storage: Internal Memory
  • Drop: 2 m on concrete surfaces


  • In The Box: infrared camera, user documentation CD-ROM, USB cable, battery, lanyard strap, printed documentation, power supply, and lanyard strap.
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Tech Specs:

  • Detector size: 160 x 120 sensor
  • Image Frequency: 9Hz
  • IR Digital Zoom: No
  • Thermal sensitivity: 100 mK (NETD)
  • Detection Range: -20-degree to +150-degree C & 0-degree to +500-degree C
  • Interface options: Update from Mac and PC devices

Flir K2 Features:

  • This camera has multiple operation modes like black and white, basic, fire, heat detection, search and rescue, building analysis, cold detection.
  • Flir k2 has an intuitive interface that enables one-hand operation.
  • It can withstand high heat temperatures and flames, making it easy to operate even 500-degrees F for almost three minutes.
  • The product can also manage a 2-meter drop, thanks to the flame-resistant magnesium alloy and rubber aluminum body.
  • You can rely on the multi-spectral dynamic imaging (MSX) feature to offer the best thermal imaging quality.
  • This product is compact and easy to carry around
  • The interface is not complicated and user-friendly
  • Users and firefighters will also find this camera to be reliable and rugged
  • You can expect a fantastic image quality from this thermal imaging camera
  • Flir k2 is an all-inclusive package that comes with all the necessary accessories
  • The design can easily sustain a 2-meter drop
  • A fantastic 47-degree x 35-degree field of view
  • The manufacturer is offering a reliable 1-year warranty
  • It a small investment towards a highly-valuable and feature-filled product
  • There are multiple imaging modes to facilitate better firefighting
  • You might face a bit of difficulty reaching the camera battery door
  • The refresh rate needs to fasten up a bit
  • It may freeze a couple of times between scanning
  • Flir k2 requires IR sensor resolution enhancements

Why Do Firefighters Use Infrared Cameras?

Infrared cameras are the best fire apparatus for incident commanders or firefighters. The thermal imaging cameras can help firefighters analyze and witness elements that are not visible to the naked eye. The information displayed by thermal imaging cameras can help improve the situation.

Why Do Firefighters Use Infrared Cameras


Below is a detailed piece that will help you better understand the importance of infrared for firefighters.


These new thermal imaging cameras make the firefighter’s job a tad easier and safer than before. Thermal imaging technology is revolutionizing most firefighting departments around the world. The firefighters can pickup heat spots without wholly entering the location.


Besides, thermal imaging cameras like the Flir k2 review can offer critical information about the scene. A thermal imaging camera can accurately pinpoint the fire and flame hotspots around the location. It also saves a great deal of time for the firefighters.

These pieces of information are instrumental for firefighters to plan out their rescue operation strategy. For example, they can measure all the entry and exit points’ heat temperature to create a secure channel for victims.


Also, fighting with fire during inclement weather or nighttime can pose visibility roadblocks. The infrared cameras improve visibility during such situations. Since the tool doesn’t use light to generate imagery, it is much more effective.

Prevention of Reignition:

Many fire departments are also using infrared cameras to scout out fire location after extinguishing. Though it is uncommon for a fire agency to return for a case of reignition, it is very much possible.

Prevention of Reignition

The infrared camera can help discover fires smoldering inside walls. It scans the thermal abnormalities of the building to detect any potential concealed fires. However, users should be mindful of other usual heat sources such as fuse boxes and active heat ducts inside the structure.


Since the infrared cameras are not affected by heat, smoke, and visibility, it is useful in spotting humans. The firefighters use these cameras in different situations to rescue fire victims. For example, when the doors and other furniture are on fire, and the person is clinging to the window, it would show a noticeable difference in the camera.

How to Use This?

With this Flir k2 review nearing its end, we would also like to highlight how to use this product. If you are new to thermal imaging equipment, you’ll find limited button operation on this device helpful.

How to Use This

Once you buy this camera, the first thing to do is charge it up. Use the USB cable to power up the battery. There are three great ways to charge the battery of the Flir k2. Let the battery charge for at least 2 hours.

There are also multiple imaging modes for different situations. Initially, the infrared cameras may seem to be a bit mind-boggling. Once you get a grasp of all its features, you’ll easily tackle this camera anywhere.

Starting the Camera:

To start the Flir k2, follow the below steps:

  • Charge the battery for the optimum time.
  • Press the power on/off button to start the camera.
  • Aim the Flir k2 towards the desired location or object.

You can also press the power button for 3 to 10 seconds to enter the standby mode. The camera will automatically turn off itself after 6 hours of inactivity.

Switching to Different Modes:

If you want to switch from one mode to another, connect the device to a PC. After connecting, open the FLIR tools software and go to configuration. Under the configuration, you can change the mode according to your requirements.

It is also imperative to understand the function of each mode before you use it. Each mode serves a different purpose.

Final Verdict

This Flir k2 review discovered that this thermal imaging camera is a firefighter’s go-to tool. This tool perfectly aids access to smoky locations, safe and reliable navigation, and rescuing fire victims. With the Flir k2, firefighters can maintain a fast and steady approach.

The six imaging modes are the cream of the crop in this camera. Besides, the flame-resistant body will accompany you no matter what. Well, the Flir k2 is all about working smart and rescuing lives.

To top it all, Flir k2 also includes MSX imaging, which takes the thermal camera to another level. Besides, it is the perfect blend of functionality and affordability. So, should you invest in the Flir k2? It’s a big yes because it is hard to find such products.

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