FLIR C5 Review – Integrated Wi-Fi & High Resolution

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The FLIR c5 Thermal Camera is one of the best cameras you can have right now. With this FLIR thermal camera, you can comfortably identify the hot fuses, air leaks, or other plumbing issues. For commercial or personal purposes, this thermometer is a highly essential device to have. When you have this device, you can avoid any kind of guesswork and ensure precise results every time.

However, is the thermal camera worth it? Well, in this FLIR c5 review, we will discuss whether this thermometer will be suitable to meet your demands or not. What benefits you can get from it, the specs and main features will be the main concern of this review. Also, we will discuss the goods and bads of this thermal camera so that you can ensure the best decision-making.

FLIR c5 Thermal Imaging Camera review

When you have reviews from experts, it becomes easier to understand the worth of the thermal camera. So let’s check the FLIR c5 review.

FLIR C5 Thermal Imaging Camera with WiFi FLIR C5 Overview

The FLIR c5 thermal camera is a versatile thermal camera that offers versatile functionalities and benefits. It comes with an advanced thermal camera that will capture True thermal 160 x 120 images. As a consequence, you can get every detail about the problem and solve it quickly. The 5-megapixel visual camera will capture better images all the time.

In addition, you will have a visual inspection camera that will find the fault in real-time. With its LED flashlight, you can get some other facilities such as inspecting at night or low light.  Its patented MSX technology helps to create sharper and clearer visuals so that you don’t miss anything. Apart from that, you will get cloud connectivity that will let you store or transfer the image comfortably.

It allows you to use those images in the future for further inspection. Also, you can smoothly share the captured images with your employees or teammates when necessary. All these features make inspection better than ever and you can find the fault quickly without any hassle. Its clearer and sharper image, advanced technology, and cloud system make it far better than traditional thermal cameras.

FLIR c5 Specification

  • Camera size: 138 x 84 x 24 mm (5.4 x 3.3 x 0.94 in)
  • FLIR Screen-EST Mode: No
  • IR Sensor: 160 x 120 (19,200 pixels)
  • Screen Rotation: Yes
  • Touchscreen: Capacitive touch
  • Item Weight: 6.7 ounces

FLIR C5  Features

Without knowing the key features, it is not feasible to make the best decision for purchasing. So, let’s check those features.

High-Quality Thermal Camera

The thermal camera features a high-quality thermal camera that will capture clear and sharp images. You can understand every detail from the image and find out the fault comfortably. In addition, it features patented MSX technology that makes the thermal sharper and deeper. You won’t miss any details at all.

Its 160 x 120 true thermal imaging delivers a total of 19,200 pixels image that does not compromise with quality. Along with FLIR c5 resolution photos, the thermal camera offers a 5-megapixel visual camera. It will help you inspect the hot spots or measure the temperature in real-time. Moreover, the flashlight will make it possible to inspect and use the camera even at night or low light.

Temperature Range, Accuracy

The camera provides a higher temperature range as well as accuracy. When inspecting anything, accuracy matters a lot since otherwise, you will get a false fault. You will get up to <70 mK and 0.05° C accuracy when measuring the temperature with this camera. Consequently, finding the fault will be easier with higher precision and accuracy.

Along with the accuracy, it offers a higher temperature range. You can measure the temperature from -20 to 400°C. As a consequence, you can comfortably use this thermal camera for a wide variety of uses. It is suitable for both low and high temperatures.

Cloud System & Memory

In this modern era, saving images or documents on a memory card is old-fashioned for sure. Everyone is using a cloud system to store their images since it is safe and easy to use. With this thermal camera, you can comfortably use the cloud and store your images for sharing or future inspection.

Uploading the image to the cloud is easier since you can directly upload it via wifi right after capturing. Even you can create a document with those images and send it through email to your teammates. However, you will get an internal memory card option that will let you store up to 5000 images at once. Consequently, even if you don’t have an internet connection, you can store and use the images.

Rugged, reliable, compact

Since you need to take the thermal camera with you in a tough situation, the camera should be durable, rugged, and reliable. The good news is that it is IP54 rated which ensures protection against the water. Also, it ensures higher protection against dust. Consequently, no matter whether it is a wet condition or a dirty condition, you can use it.

In addition to that, the rugged construction can easily handle a 2 m drop. So in case, the camera falls from your hand, it won’t get damaged. Carrying is easier here regardless of the rugged construction because it weighs only 0.42 lb. This compact, rugged, and lightweight design enables you to carry the camera in your pocket or bag.

Battery life

Batteries run the thermal camera. The FLIR c5 battery is high quality and a durable lithium-ion battery that will deliver long-time service. You can smoothly operate your thermal camera for up to 4 hours with a single full charge. Also, charging is easier and faster and you can charge it fully within 2 hours.

Large screen

You will get a 3.5 large screen that will show you the images with full clarity. Also, its large and high-resolution screen will make it comfortable, smooth, and suitable to use for everyone. You can even simply navigate this camera through its menus and other functions without having any prior experience.

Apart from the easy use, it enables you to adjust and control its brightness to low, medium, and high levels. It will help you see the readings or images clearly regardless of the daylight or low light. You can even change the color of the images at your convenience.

Flir C5 Quality And Durability

The quality of this FLIR c5 thermal camera is beyond traditional cameras. You will get a high-quality thermal camera with 160 x 120 resolution. Also, it offers a 5MP visual camera and flashlight to use at night. The camera’s accuracy is up to 0.05° C. You can comfortably capture the image with its easy-to-use interface and upload it to the cloud. That means the manufacturer does not compromise with the quality.

FLIR c5 Review

When it comes to durability, the camera offers durable and rugged construction. It is IP54 rated that can smoothly withstand water and dust. Also, it can handle a drop from 2 m easily. In addition, you will get a long-lasting battery that can serve you up to 4 hours on a single charge.

What we like
  • High-quality thermal camera
  • Higher resolution images
  • Visual images for better inspection
  • Flashlight for low light inspection
  • Large screen for better readings
  • Easy to use user interface
  • Durable and rugged construction
  • Powerful battery and fast charging

What should improve?
  • The image could be higher quality
  • Lag slightly
  • No video recording option

FLIR C5 User Guide

Although it is easy to use, you need to know the right process to use the thermal camera. It will help you save a lot of time and take less effort to capture the images and find the faults.

The first step to use the thermal camera is to read the manual to get a brief about it. After reading the manual, you will know every function in detail of the camera. Then you need to simply push it’s on/off button to start the camera. When you start the camera for the first time, you will see some functions such as language, date, unit, and others.

Now point the camera to the object you want to measure the temperature or find the fault. Then simply capture the image or use the visual camera to find real-time inspection.

To save the image to the cloud, go to the setting >storage option> Auto upload=On. Or if you want to save the image, simply press save and it will save the image. You can even upload the image later to the cloud.

FLIR C5 Warranty & Guarantee

This amazing FLIR c5 thermal camera offers 2-10 years of warranty for every purchase. However, if you want to return or ask for a repair, you need to ask for it within thirty days of discovery. Also, you need to show the real proof of purchase and the fault of the camera.

FLIR C5 User Experience

By knowing the real user feedback, anyone can understand the quality of the product. The thermal cameras are not different. So we will mention some of the user reviews about the FLIR c5.

Final Thought

The FLIR c5 thermal camera is one of the best thermal camera options you can right now. With its high-quality thermal camera, visual camera, and higher accuracy, you can precisely determine the fault. In this FLIR c5 review, our experts have portrayed the goods and bads of the camera with all its key features.

Also, you have known the benefits you can get from it with the specs and real customer reviews. The review will help you understand the details of the thermal camera. With a good thermal camera, you can comfortably diagnose the problem and solve it quickly. It will save your time, money, and effort and make your life easier.

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