The 5 Best Thermal Imaging Camera for Body Temperature In 2022

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We don’t have the ability to see thermal energy with our naked eyes. That is why you need the best thermal imaging camera for body temperature to see the thermal heat source properly. These cameras detect and measure infrared radiation to know the amount of heat coming from the human body.

This technology is essential in detecting fever and high temperatures from anything besides the body. You will find an array of thermal imaging cameras, which makes buying quite a daunting task. We have researched and listed 5 top thermal imaging cameras to get you a satisfactory camera. Let’s get into their reviews.

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Handheld Non-Contact Body Temperature Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal Imager, Acegmet 160 x 120 Handheld 19200 Pixels Thermal Camera

Vividia Handheld Non-Contact Body Temperature Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal Imaging Camera, Infrared Camera

Seek Thermal CW-AAA Compact-All-Purpose Thermal Imaging Camera

5 Best Thermal Imaging Camera for Body Temperature 2022

Choosing the best thermal imaging camera for body temperature is not an easy job because you have many choices to consider. Our objective is to recommend the best budget-friendly thermal imaging camera to buy from experts’ research. Have a look at the reviews to find your thermal imaging camera:


1. Handheld Non-Contact Body Temperature Thermal Imaging Camera

Handheld Non-Contact Body Temperature Thermal Imaging Camera

The handheld thermal imaging camera measures body temperature with a range of 30° C to 45° C. It also gives an accuracy of plus or minus 0.5 degrees C. It utilizes a highly sensitive thermal sensor that provides faster and accurate reading without contacting the object.

You can easily see clear images and reading on the large 3.5-inch screen with a high resolution of 220×160. The screen offers more details and accuracy when screening people for unusual body temperatures and fever. It also supports USB, SD card, and PC software needed to process the images, which give you versatility.

It uses a built-in rechargeable (5000nAh) battery for a continuous operation for up to 6 hours on a full charge. This gives you more operating time compared to other thermal imaging cameras. The handle is strong and ergonomic to give you comfort hence easy to hold for long hours.

Handheld Non-Contact Features:

  • It provides a detection distance of 1 meter, so there is no need for direct contact with your body.
  • You’ll get clear images and accurate temperature reading on the larger high-resolution screen.
  • The camera has led light that makes your work easier if you want to detect body temperatures at night.
  • You can also connect the camera to your PC to see the real images transmitted on a larger screen.
  • Plus, it provides a low or high-temperature alarm, which includes a flushing alarm after reaching the settled threshold.

2. Thermal Imager, Acegmet 160 x 120 Handheld 19200 Pixels Thermal Camera

Thermal Imager, Acegmet 160 x 120 Handheld 19200 Pixels Thermal Camera

ACEGMET 160 x 120 camera uses a precise and sensitive thermal sensor to get thermal images and find problems. With the 2.8- inch display, you can see clear images of the infrared sensors. When measuring the temperature, the screen’s center features a reference point, and two other dynamic points.

They help you to track the lowest and the highest temperature in the existing measurement range. You can choose from 5 different imaging color modes: cool, rainbow, black, white, iron-red, or black and white. This allows you to pick an ideal color pallet for a particular use; hence easy to note differences with the monochrome pallet.

It gives you a temperature measurement range of 17 degrees F to 752 degrees F. Connecting the device to your computer is easy through the USB cable. The camera has a 16-GB SD card where you can keep your photos. It will also be easier for you to analyze the contrast color bars using the PC for accuracy and clarity.

Thermal Imager Features:

  • The camera has an IP65 protection rating to withstand falls from 2 meters height without damages.
  • It has a lithium-ion battery (5000 mAh) that provides power for up to 6 hours, and they take 4 hours to charge.
  • Further, you’ll get a software to track real-time changes in the temperature on your PC.
  • You will see color alarms for high temperatures and low temperatures to get an accurate reading.
  • It has an infrared resolution of 19,200 pixels, which ensures you see clear images on the screen.

3. Vividia Handheld Non-Contact Body Temperature Thermal Imaging Camera

Vividia Handheld Non-Contact Body Temperature Thermal Imaging Camera

Vividia is another thermal imager that gives you a surface temperature reading with the actual thermal images. It measures the body temperature at a range of 30° C to 45° C. Besides, it gives you an accuracy range of plus or minus o.5 degrees C. This makes the device ideal for measuring high temperatures or people with fever.

It is an upgraded model that allows you to connect it to your Pc to get a live screening. It also supports computer analysis software, USB, and SD card to make your work easier. You will find a high-temperature alarm, and it will display lights to let you know high-temperature readings.

The camera is suitable for residential areas, factories, offices, and schools. Its battery has a large capacity and gives you up to 6 hours of use to support your outdoor use. Using this camera is also easy because of its ergonomic build that gives you comfort. It also has a durable design, hence can serve you longer.

Vividia Handheld Features:

  • The high-temperature setting is easily customizable to an alarm of 37.3 degrees C.
  • It features a high-resolution display screen (320×240) to give you clear thermal images.
  • You will get three temperature display points for high, low, and center tracking.
  • There are different color pallets for rainbow, black-white, iron red, red white, and blue-white to suit your needs.
  • It gieves you a measuring distance of 15 cm and a faster response time of ≤500ms to give accurate readings.

4. Thermal Imaging Camera, Infrared Camera

Thermal Imaging Camera, Infrared Camera

If you are after the best thermal imaging camera for body temperature with a big screen to make viewing easy, this one is better. It has a high-resolution screen (35,200) pixels to improve image quality. The 2.8 color display screen helps you see the reading clearly and gives a thermal sensitivity of 0.07 degrees C.

The devices provide a measurement accuracy of plus or minus 2, which makes it suitable for pros. You can charge its rechargeable battery with a USB cable that offers 2-3 hours run time on a full charge.

It also has a built-in LED spotlight that works as a flashlight to illuminate the spot and get clear images. The camera is multi-application and its ability to detect heat makes it perfect for professionals and personal users. It is accurate and quick, and you will also like its powerful infrared thermography to help you see cold spot and hot spot patterns.

Thermal Imaging Camera Features:

  • Its interface is user-friendly, so you will not experience any trouble when measuring actual imaging.
  • You’re getting a bigger screen unlike other thermal cameras that help you view easily and clearly.
  • It offers reliable temperature measurements; you can also store the images for later inspection.
  • Plus, it provides fast and accurate performance, which is essential to help you foresee problems before they occur.
  • The camera has an operating temperature of 0-50 degrees C and a storage temperature of -40-80 degrees C.

5. Seek Thermal CW-AAA Compact-All-Purpose Thermal Imaging Camera

Seek Thermal CW-AAA Compact-All-Purpose Thermal Imaging CameraThis is an ultimate thermal imaging camera that helps to detect problems related to heat. Unlike other thermal imager cameras, this one doesn’t require charging or a battery to work. You only need to plug in on your smartphone to use it.

You will enjoy a detection distance of up to 1000 feet, which is greater than many cameras. It features a waterproof case to protect it from water damages when you are outdoors. With its 206×156 thermal sensor, you can change your phone to a multi-purpose thermal camera for your jobsite and other uses.

Its wide field of view of 36 degrees to help you see a larger area. You will also get a detection range of -40 degrees F to 626 degrees F, which is pretty useful. On top of that, you will get 9 color pallets that you can choose from.

Seek Thermal Features

  • A compact thermal camera that works well with android to give you accurate temperature readings.
  • The camera comes with an accurate thermal sensor to give you great usability at your jobsite.
  • It is suitable for builders, engineers, DIY homeowners, and contractors who need a seamless operation.
  • You’ll find it easy to use because it doesn’t require batteries or charging; you need to plug it into your phone to work.
  • The device finds issues that you can’t see with your eyes, like water damages, energy loss, and electrical issues.

How Can a Thermal Camera Detect Differences in Temperature?

First, thermal imaging cameras work differently from other normal cameras. They create their pictures from heat as compared to other cameras that use visible light. The cameras use infrared energy, which is essential in creating images using analog and digital video outputs.

Temperature Changes:

When the cameras record the temperatures, they give a particular color for each of them. Cold temperatures come in shades of colors like green, purple, or blue. On the other hand, warmer temperatures come in shades of yellow, orange and red.

Interpreting the thermal readings is easy, especially if you are trained to use the devices. You can easily tell the normal and abnormal temperatures from the readings.

No Contact:

The devices use a technology that allows safe temperature measurements without contact. The detection range varies from one device to the other. Therefore, it is easy to detect people with fever and high/low temperatures that can be a sign of infection. You need to point the camera towards your target and hold it for some seconds to get an accurate temperature.

Why Should You Buy a Thermal Imaging Camera for Body Temperature?

Thermal imaging cameras for body temperature are essential devices used in offices, schools, hospitals, and other public places. You need to buy a thermal imaging camera for the following reasons:

  • They are non-invasive and patient-friendly because they do not need contact with the person.
  • The cameras offer detailed pictures of your body temperature and how it is distributed efficiently.
  • You can use it to show some disease patterns and images of small temperatures.
  • These are great tools to measure higher body temperature in public places like factories, airports, and concerts.
  • Work well with body screening tools to determine people with body temperature to lessen the spread of diseases.
  • Useful to detect people with fever and hence not allowed to public places and other shared spaces.
  • It helps you understand temperature issues while doing repair jobs or inspecting faulty machines.


Thermal imaging cameras work well to detect high body temperature, which can help identify people with fever. We have seen the importance of these cameras in detecting body temperature during any health situations among other uses. The above are some top thermal imaging cameras you can purchase for professional or personal use.

If you still have trouble picking the best thermal imaging camera for body temperature, you recommend Infrared Camera with Real-Time Thermal Image. It has a bigger screen to give you easy reading. Plus, it’s suitable for multiple uses with higher accuracy levels. Overall, this is a recommended camera for you.

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